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Jessie Smith, a Senior Deputy Attorney General for Pennsylvania, says the $19.5 million settlement with Bristol Myers-Squibb settles complaints about deceptive marketing of the drug to doctors and patients. They were marketing it for many things beyond schizophrenia, which was its indication when it fist went on to the market in 2002, including uses for children, said Smith. Smith says the drug was never approved by the Food and Drug Administration for children. She says Bristol Myers-Squibb also promoted Abilify for patients with dementia and Alzheimers, without FDA approvals. In fact, she says the FDA issued a warning 10 years ago that use of Abilify for elderly patients increased the risk of death. Smith says Pennsylvania gets $745,000 from the settlement fund which will be put into consumer drug protection efforts. MarkAbrams Mark Abrams is a versatile part of the KYW Newsradio family, serving as a reporter, anchor and editor. A graduate of Kutztown State College, he got his start in the industry in the mid-1970s as a talk-show producer, later serving as a reporter,...

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