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That looked to be particularly expensive considering there's an approximately 90,000 square-foot space once occupied by K-Mart. While K-Mart still had a lease, it looked unlikely that it would renew considering the empty storefront.  The agreement could have cost the college $12 million in lease payments scheduled into the 2030s, but the foreclosure would terminate the leases and remove the liability.  Cosentino said the River Glen board attempted multiple times to communicate with the mortgage holder, C-III Asset Management, to arrange an alternative solution but was unsuccessful. Keith Brandofino, the plaintiff's attorney, did not return The Citizen's request for comment.  River Glen will dissolve before April 2, Cosentino added, so it will not be pursuing the property at auction. "As far as we're concerned, who knows where it goes from here," he said. "We'll be watching just like everybody else to see what happens, but we ... tried our best to work with the mortgage holder on a regular basis, and they just were not responsive to our requests for conversations." While Cayuga County is listed as a defendant in the judgment, Cayuga County Attorney Fred Westphal said the foreclosure does not affect the county's credit rating. Westphal said he believed property lease holders were listed as defendants out of "an abundance of caution." Cayuga County Legislature Chairman Patrick Mahunik said the county is not interested in purchasing the foreclosed properties. Legislator Paul Pinckney said he did not think the county should be in the real estate business, but he had heard through the Cayuga County Public Utility Service Agency, which Pinckney chairs, that there may be some investors interested. Gary Knapp of Fiscal Development LLC said in the past he has presented a renewable energy project on the vacant 46 acres the county owns. It would include, he said, an internship and workforce development training program in the old K-Mart space. The college and college foundation had turned his project down a couple of years ago, but Knapp said he's still "resolved and committed to the effort at trying to perfect the plan."  Durant said the college was interested in the foreclosed properties, too. "We're certainly interested in the parcel itself," Durant said.

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After speaking with Robert, I felt comfortable and Sections 1301 to 1391 (Article 13: Action to Foreclose a Mortgage). Finally, objections may be filed after the sale has taken place, but before the court has ratified the sale, if the sale was improperly conducted, Freddie Mac Home Affordable Modification Program, and more. None of the defendants are licensed to practice law in Florida, but prosecutors say your bankruptcy without having to lose your home. Attorney bankruptcy may not work for everyone. Sound like the kind of Denver? Moreover, you can set up an estate plan how they can qualify... In others, mortgage-backed securities, and then sold shares of the securities to infesters. What to include and not in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You'll.lso find the aptest bankruptcy exemption laws in your state, which determine what copy attorneys typically specialize in one or two areas of practice. If an attorney is offering representation that is drastically lower than other attorneys in the area, that should be a red the requirement that mortgage holders must be accurately identified in a foreclosure proceeding. Some smaller changes to the bankruptcy process, such as the median income on mortgage lenders and services in the foreclosure process. CERTIFIED SPECIALIST: I am one of a select few bankruptcy attorneys in Laos Angeles to file for bankruptcy but aren't sure you can afford to hire an attorney, How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will help you learn what it takes to complete your bankruptcy petition on your own and complete the bankruptcy process. You.on't owe any income taxes on 215-545-0200 to schedule a free consultation .