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Clerides said he felt compelled to set the record straight as the disclosure on Thursday of data for the waiving of penalties for road traffic offenses ‘seems to have created a sense of injustice and reaction by people who have been punished for road traffic offences and who are countering their case with other cases that have been waived’. “No citizen should feel that they have been treated unequally. Every citizen who commits an offense is subject to the appropriate sanctions provided by the law and should not complain about it,” the announcement said. The state legal service, he said, does not waive committed traffic offences indiscriminately and collectively. He reiterated that in cases where citizens faced a particular problem as in the ‘well-known conditions’ on Grivas Digenis Avenue in Nicosia, the demands of those referred to the legal service were evaluated one-by-one without any distinction as to the name or capacity of the applicant. He added that regardless of this case, a team of legal service officials examine daily demands for the waiving of fines and other sanctions. If the requests are deemed genuine, he said, leniency is exercised. “Such a practice must not create any sense of injustice to any citizen,” Clerides said. The disclosure on Thursday by Clerides of the numbers of fines that had been waived followed accusations from former MP Andreas Themistocleous that the AG was showing preferential treatment to a prominent lawyer and his wife by terminating legal proceedings against them for speeding. The AG said he had waived 3,082 fines, including the ones Themistocleous was referring to. These fines concerned Griva Digenis Avenue, where speed cameras were been placed in June 2014.

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